学琴失败的七大根源!Seven causes of failure when learning piano.

2019-05-13 14:41


一、犹豫不决  indecision




Let the child learn music or learn a musical instrument, this is a way to let the child's future to get a promotion. Some people are always hesitating, really do not know what to do, it will do harm to your child's future.



If from the begining of learning the piano, the will is not firm and worry about everything, then it will not last long, and there is no role.



二、拖延症  procrastination



No matter what you do, you always have the habit of procrastinating. Such like to procrastinate in class, and when I return to class. If the parents have the habit of procrastination, the children basically have it too. Parents should pay attention to this aspect and help the children to overcome the "procrastination".



Most of the time, procrastination is just avoiding problems and laziness. Being lazy and negative, you fall into the trap of regretting the past and daydreaming about the future. Always magnify the difficulties, flinch, or holding a belief that you can drag a day , finding various excuses to escape.



三、3分钟热度  3-minute heat



Needless to say, this is the reason why most children fail to learn the piano. They feel fresh at the beginning and lose interest before a class is finished. This kind of people can do nothing.



The person of 3 minutes heat, never experienced that insist to do a thing can bring joy after success, because the processis always dry and be full of frustration, and the person's nature is fond of ease and assiduity. Learning the piano is like riding a roller coaster. There are highs and lows.


四、自我设限  self-handicapping



Before learn the piano, the first thought is about the difficulties. "I'm afraid I don't have time to practice", or "I don't have a good sense of music, can I learn it?", or"my home is too far away from the piano shop". Various reasons. They haven't even started yet. So all mediocrity and low achievement is the result of self-limitation.



This kind of psychological suggestion can help you block the frustration caused by the failure of the task and maintain your sense of self-worth temporarily, but it deprives you of the chance of success "one more step up".


五、总找借口  Always look for excuses 



Never find the reason in their own, always like to make excuses, and people like this certainly cannot learn the piano well. For a long time he did not improve. He did not understand. Every week after class, he would go home and never touch the piano. The piano was covered with thick dust. All this, you also blame the teacher that they did not teach good. God, even Bach can't help you.



So, when learn the piano you must "Reflect on youself three times a day " : Did I practice today? How much time did I practice today? Did I practice hard today?




六、胆子小  Get no courage



People are suffering because they care too much about what others think.  The teacher did not criticize, he will be very self-abased, do not dare to learn and want to give up; When his parents complained that he had not learned well and made little progress after spending money, they began to worry again and did not want to learn.



In fact, children whose mind is weak, unwilling to face frustration needs much encourage and guide.


七、不买琴  Don't but a piano



No matter where you buy your instrument, you should never be forced to buy it in a piano company or training institution. You should go out to buy it yourself, so as not to be oversensitive.



But what I'm saying is, if you don't buy the instrument, you won't be able to learn it for long. First of all, it is not convenient to practice the piano by yourself. The second is that you don't have enough love for music and the instrument. At last, it shows that you haven't made up your mind completely. Xiang yu in the battle of the giant deer, if not burn one's bridges and cut off the back, can he win? Isn't it true that soldiers, determined to win, can achieve more success with fewer victories than with fewer?



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