Harrodser and Liedermann Hand in Hand in Frankfurt

       Harrodser and Liedermann will be hand in hand at Musikmesse in Frankfurt!

        Musikmesse 2016 will be held in Frankfurt am Main from 7 to 10 April, 2016, which is the largest annual exhibition of musical instruments in Europe. It is hosted by the big name exhibition companies and musical associations and is considered the No.1 exhibition and gains more attentions than ever before.

        The public, the factory, and even the exhibitors express strong interests at Harrodser and Liedermann brand piano.

        Harrodser is a well-known brand in the piano world. It inherited the strictness and preciseness in production and perfection for the art of music for generations. In 1840, the first Harrodser piano was handmade by pianist Harold Bauer’s father, Robert Bauer.

        Harold Bauer was born in a musical family in 1873. At the age of 6, he began learn to music, and wrote his first Violin Sonata ‘Happy Romany’. At the age of 9, started to performe. At 15, he held concert of his own. At 19, when he had a chance to attend a rehearsal, he was highly appreciated by the pianist Arthur Schnabel and recommendation. He then soon became famous. At 20, he got acquainted with the piano master W. Danemann in a Royal Banquet. So was born the first Harrodser piano with both state of the art techniques.

        Liedermann is called Queen’s piano. The founder Liedermann Schmidt is a piano engineer born in Shelfield, England. The pianos that he made have a unique high quality tone are favorate by the rich businessmen and the elites. When the Queen hear the crisp and melodious sounds that are quite differnent than heard in the Palace in a royal progress, She sent an attendant to see where the sounds came from. The queen was intersted to see Liedermann and let him introduce the unique piano he made. For the unique quality, Liedermann piano was played in a Royal Banquet.

        Gradually, Liedermann became the suppliers of the Queen Elizabeth and the Royal families.

        Both Harrodser and Liermann come from Germany, but they have different tecniques and culture. They will conplement each other glamously at Musikmesse 2016. You can imagine what a scene when two pianists each play Rachmaninov Piano Concertos No.2 on Harrodser and liedermann the same time. The presence of Harrodser and Liedermann brand piano from high end market in Europe fills the demanding gap in China. 



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