Frankfurt International Musical Instrument Exhibition

On April 2nd, Frankfurt, Germany, the annual International Musical Instrument Exhibition, the largest international musical instrument exhibition in Europe, was grandly opened in Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany, attracting audiences from all over the world. But the order is orderly and the scene is extremely grand.
The Musikmesse exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany is held by Messe Frankfurt, the exhibition company of Frankfurt, Germany. The exhibition is a very important platform for the company to open the German market. The G Musikmesse expo attracted 699 exhibitors and 56,700 people. The expo was held at the Exhibition Centre Frankfurt, with an exhibition area of ​​30,000 square meters.
The Musikmesse expo is the world's largest musical instrument exhibition, where you can experience a wide range of musical instruments, music software, computer hardware, music scores and music accessories, as well as all products related to music production.
Exhibition hall information
Venue: Messe Frankfurt GmbH, Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
Exhibition period: once a year
Exhibition area: 180,000 square meters
Time: April 2nd - 5th, 2019
Harrodser Piano Booth No: G93
Pavilion and scope of participation: 2019 Frankfurt International Musical Instruments, Music Hard Software, Music Scores and Accessories Exhibition
After the official start of the exhibition, there are many people in the exhibition hall. At the same time, there are many brands of musical instruments, and the audience should be overwhelmed.
The guests of the Harrodser piano are in a constant stream. The audience through this booth are attracted by the unique charm of Harrodser piano. They will enter the booth to watch and touch the piano, and a large number of amateur show their live ammunition. Play, use Harrodser piano to express their inner pleasure.

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