String Spindle Board

DEHONIT String Spindle Board
Germany made String Spindle Board, make a gooddecision of piano manufacturing company, made of 19 layers of strict selected red beech wood,provide special fastnessposition for piano string spindle pin. 

Dehonit is a material manufactured to DIN 7707 and DIN 68705. Only veneers of red beech (Fagus silvatica) of selected qualityare used bonded together under heat and pressure using a special type of phenolic resin.
For the manufacturing of piano parts we have developed different grades, They have proved successful in thousands of instruments at home and abroad. In addition we can manufacture special dehonit     grades upon request.
Dehonit for piano action
The piano action is the haeare of the instrument.To achieve consistent high quality over decades,each of the 6,000 components must be made withthe greatest of care to be as uniform and as accurate as possible. 

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