ABEL Hammer
Germany’s original import hammer, strict selection of pure wool, exquisite manual polishing by Harrodser technician, facilitate the unique sound Harrodser technician, facilitate the unique sound quality of Harrodser piano.

We,the ABEL HAMMER COMPANY, manufacture high quality piano hammerheads and action parts of producers of high end upright and grand pianos as well as for piano technicians all overthe world. We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers for this equipment and we producefine products with technical expertise. Our highly motivated team works under the leadershipof the Commercial Managing Direcfor Norbert Abel and the Technical Managing Director Frank Abel. The modern 1,200m2 production plant in Frankenhardt, Germany, is designed for series production as well as bespoke parts. Thanks to special CNC machines and our proven production logistics, we are able to produce large barieties of different hammerheads.Our products are completed and delivered by individual agreement with the customer. ABEL HAMMER COMPANY embraces the contiuous improvement process.Our ongoing investment into research and development ensures our hammerheads and felts sre of superlatinve quality,providing ever more precise and sonorous tones. All our products are proudly Made in Germany!
Hammerheads for upright pianos and grand pianos aremade of mahogany, hornbeam, maple or walnut wood.many different colours of underfelt are available to createan individual brand of hammerheads for each customerin combination with different wood and felt specifications.
We manufacture hammerheads in large variefies for pianosof all kinds, from square pianos to concert grands. For us,the production of standard hammerheads is as commonplaceas the development of special designs and that of personalised hammerhedas.Additionally, we copy sample hammerheads. Original, historical pieces entrusted fo us are handled with particular care so that these original pieces return to out customers in the same condition as we received them.
In order to operate in a satisfactory way, hammerheadsneed high grade shanks. The ABEL HAMMER COMPANY also produces standard, special and individual hammer shanks and ofher action parts of the highest quality.



FFW  Hammer 
Filzfabrik Wurzen(FFW) is one of the manufacturer of technical Wool Felt with the longest tradition worldwide.
Modern technology, coupled with the technical skills of employees as well as the knowledge acquired by past generations are important preconditions for the quality of products.
Felt made in Wurzen has an excellent reputation in countries on all continents.
Felt for Musical Instruments
oday,Filzfabrik Wurzen(FFW)are also a very important part of our product range.
Nowadays Filzfabrik Wurzen(FFW) combine the experience which we have gained over generations with latest knowledge and modern production techniques. Filzfabrik Wurzen(FFW)product range today includes piano felt as well as many felts for other musical instruments.
Filzfabrik Wurzen GmbH (FFW) is the oldest felt mill in the world. today and is the successor company to the once famous J.D.Weickert Piano Forte Felt Factory which was known for its legendary ‘Weickert’ hammer felt from 1848 until 1945. After World War II, the company was put under state ownership and slowly lost its leadership position in hammer felt.
In 1991, after German reunification, the company was re-privatized by the Brand family. Due to strong demand for better sounding hammers in the German piano industry at the time, FFW reintroduced the old ‘Weickert’ hammer felt method of production. The result was the creation of a more elastic and stable felt that offers the piano technician a much wider dynamic range of tone as well as less maintenance.
Only through the good cooperation between the felt maker, hammerhead maker, piano manufacturer,  is it possible to get optimal tonal results. The felt is the basis for success, but the hammerhead making method and voicing technique by the piano maker are equally important.


Louis Renner Hammer 
Louis Renner founded his company for the manufacturing of piano actions in Stuttgart in October1882. Even in his early trading years he only manufactured and distributed the very best quality parts, setting the trend for his exemplary success story. In the beginning all the action parts were made by hand. By the time the Renner Company moved to new production premises in Stuttgart in 1902, the work force had already grown to 35 employees, which had expanded to 100 specialist workers by 1911. The introduction of machinery in the manufacturing process slowly gained hold, making the resulting products even more precise and production more efficient. Since the middle of the last century more and more of the best foreign piano manufacturers have relied on the Renner Company for their parts.
Renner expanded their product range in 1952, to include repairs, spares and accessories. The production of single parts was increased and a generously sized warehouse furnished.A saw mill in Odenheim was adopted around 1974,where all the rough woodwork for manufacturing is still carried out today. In the course of the German reunification, Renner took over a third factory in Zeitz near Leipzig, which houses today’s production of upright piano actions.
Grand and Upright Piano Hammers
Louis Renner manufacture over 500 different types of hammer heads in various sizes, with or without underfelt, in different core lengths and shapes.Also manufacture according to individual customer specifications. For branded instruments we make the hammers with their corresponding original felts and also able to recover hammers to the highest possible standard.

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