Sound-processing Technology 
Sensitivity of pianist and more than 100 years applications of innovation form a unique piano sound processing technology. In order to express the perfect sound, Piano Harrodser paid all the efforts to the design of  the body and the nuances of processing.

Design Process
In order to meet the special requirements of different musicians, through the tireless efforts of countless top designers, centuries continued innovation and research, piano Harrodser is condensed into the elegant shape and has subtle, precise and meticulous internal quality. Meanwhile piano Harrodser constantly enhances the keyboard's sensitivity and comfort.     

Our  Features
  • Framework iron-plate can ensure stability of the sound because of its special design. 
  • Harrodser solid wood soundboard imported  from Germany.  
  • String Spindle board provided by Dehonit.
  • Sensitive and precise Action.
  • Designed and manufactured by ABEL , the hammer uses special techniques and materials, that make perfect sounds through precise matching.
  • Through strict weight and balance and leading testing technology, the piano keyboard achieves the standard of performance,reaches the sleek coordination and handy playing professional performance.

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